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nyc part 2...woah!

so i havent had like a real update for...almost a month. how sad. that stresses me out to no end.
i left off somewhere in nyc. well i did a lot of partying with annie anc cazy at TJ's. we saw Pete! which was awsome. i miss him so much. and of course we got an awsome deal on the drinks. the last friday i was there thomas got a little huffy with us about the tips and we were like wtf cause we always tip well. and he can be such a jerk anyway. but damn hes cute. you cant resist. i also made out a little with the cute new bartender. i swore i wouldnt do that anymore. bah! oh well it was just one kiss, oh yeah and the making out with a girl. there was also this girl the one night and she was so fuckin drunk she just got up on the bar and started dancing and then practically stripping. we saw some nice boobs there for a while. so yeah, good times. i wont even get into how cray annie was being lol. love that girl.
so other then that, we went to my sisters house for lisas bday/goodbye party. it was pretty cool. i finally had a cheesburger lol. i was so hung over and sick that morning cause the night before was that crazy night. but i got through it. cristina went home with mike and i stayed with the fam, they built a bonfire and everything. it was cool.

the rest of the time i just hung out with my family. we went to serendipity on the day it was pouring fuckin rain. it was absolutely crazy. i dont think ive ever seen that much rain in NYC. i though all of my clothes were gonna end up being purple lol.

and then sunday we went to take my sister up to oneonta to her new place. its pretty cute and the bathroom is way cooler than mine. easier to clean lol. thats what ill look for next time. so we moved her stuff in and went shopping to BJ;s and walmart and the whole works. shannon got home later. it was really good to see her! i love that girl. i wanna move in with them lol. soooo we just hung out and then went shopping again lol. oh and their friend shaina came over who was also tre cool. we had spaghetti and meatsauce that my dad made and then us kids went to stroll down the block and have a cig. we were so tired after that so we went to bed. the next day we shopped some more and i helped my dad put my sisters desk together and the bed frame and all that. that was a long day.

and then the next day we came back to buffalo, but ill save that story for another day...or later :p

today is sucking hardcore btw...with a mix of being ok when i see the people i love.
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