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too much school

wow, what a day. so much to do, so little time. So I woke up and went to class today and it turnes out we had a sub anyways, but our final is thursday so we reviewed. Which to me is like a review of a class that was already a review for me. so it sucked big time. Then i had an apointment with my psychiatrist who i am now convinced that he is a complete moron. My therapist told me to talk to him about giving me meds for my anxiety attacks and he was like, you just have to breath. Then i told him about my not eating since last sunday and hes like, oh its just stress. I'm like uh....ok. whatever. But i really stopped listening to him when he asked me what i was going to major in and what my career choice was and i said somehting to do with music. ANd he was like, oh well, you cant get really far with that, you need to find something more secure. I was seriously gonna punch him.

After that i went with Andrea to the student union and they had a whole christmas thing there! We decorated cookies(didnt eat em) and made christmas ornaments! it was so much fun. I put up my other christmas lights today and they look so cute!

so then i came back and slept a while, then me andrea and Josh went to the mall. I finally finished my christmas shopping. yippeee. I also got some cool new magik candles and cool nailpolish. hehe. Then we rushed back cause Josh had this cool program called GRASP which is Gender role and sexuality something lol. But it was held by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization. I had such a cool time at it. They talked about all the steriotypes and things people would say to them, and their coming out experiences. We also talked about how accepting people are of it these days. I was so close to just saying it but i couldnt. This really helped though cause i have never been that close and i feel like maybe soon i can just let it out. Hell, i've dont it already with a girl i mine as well just let it out i know it would make me feel better.

So i just finished 3 hours of studying for nutrition with Josh. I have learned nothing. I feel like crap, oh and i broke my pinky toe today. it hurts like fuck and there is nothing i can do about it. I also slammed my finger inbetween this folding table and now it hurts more and more, its all red and black n bluish. i feel like this huge pain problem today. its not even worth it if everything is gonna hurt! now i have to finish my online quizzes and study for my math test which are all tomorrow. I am so not getting sleep tonight.

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