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snagged from jj_blue

im posting like a crackho today.
i am a crackho. sort of ;)

List 15 simple things you love. You know the saying "it's the simple things in life"...well, let's see what simple things you enjoy. They don't have to be in any special order, just go for it.

01. a hug from a friend
02. knowing there is icecream in my freezer
03. someone telling me how pretty i look
04. being a part of something small that means a lot to me
05. gay people and gay culture.
06. starbucks coffee. especially when they make it just right
07. rainy days
08. wearing a tshirt and lounge pants
09. my favorite tv shows
10. my fav stuffed animals
11. smiles
12. cuddles from people i care about
13. the rush of the airplane taking off
14. beautiful music. or that amazing transition from one song to another
15. making out. i love it.
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