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what up dogs!!

i finally got smile!! the good easy way to play it! yay yippee! lol. i sat down at my guitar and just relearned it.

i talked to my future roomate again. she sounds cooler each time we talk. i think we are gonna get along great. hehe i'll turn her into a flickerstick fan :) i'm writing down all of their funny quotes and making something with it. dunno yet.

my uncle is leaving tonight. i managed to avoid him all the time he was here. hehe.

tomarrow is one day closer to the botr marathon. yay.
"Rock and roll is based solely on one thing...two...three things: sex, drugs, rock and roll period. If you have sex, drugs, rock and roll in your rock and roll band you will win, always." - Cory (he just keeps me laughin!)

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