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Today was a weird but very cool day. I took my theory test this morning and it was like the hardest test i ever took!!! it was so frustrating. Plus there was a sub there and when i had questions he had noooo idea what he was talking about. SO that sucked majorly. Then i went back to my room and chilled for a while. I went back to the student union with Andrea and checked out the Channukah day thing they were having there. I made a menorah hehe. i think i am just gonna keep it for the candles. lol.

Then at like 1 I met John and we hung out. he took me to the LGBTA (which is the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender association) office finally! it was soo cool up there. i met so many awsome people. The attmosphere is just the best and most comfortable new place i have ever been in. And i felt like i could totally be myself with people who got me! I dont know why its so hard for me just to tell my friends that i am bi, i guess its cause of how i think they will think of me. But I know Josh and Andrea and that they wont care, but its still hard. Forget about my parents. hehe. so that was pretty cool. I stayed there till like 3! i cant wait to go back! i have finally found my place in this stupid school of dumb people. hehe

Now i have to study my ass off for my two tests tomorrow. I am sooo nervouse. Plus i have this huge headache that just wont go away. And i still cant eat. i threw up again yesterday after i ate like a couple pretzels. I just didnt want it in me. poop

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