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snagged from bloodyrose82

a free blowjob!? really!? lol ;)

1. Ten Things You Like
a. Sex
b. stargate sg-1
c. chocolate
d. my dormroom friends
e. queer as folk
f. the lgbta and all my new friends there
g. my computer
h. vito
i. slashfic
j. rainy days

2. Three Things That Make You Happy

a. jack and daniel
b. seeing vito (when he is happy bahaha)
c. going out to eat

3. Three Things That Make You Angry

a. vitos nonchalantness (sp)
b. people that hate bisexuals. or any form of homophobia.
c. not having chocolate

4. Ten Things You Hate

a. close minded people
b. Not having sex
c. harry potter (dont shoot me)
d. broccoli
e. no jack
f. queer as folk ending (especialy the way it did)
g. not having money for clothes or tattooes
h. spiders
i. not being kissed
j. choosing

5. Three Facts About Your Name

a. no one can ever say it right
b. its hungarian
c. it kinda means star

6. Five Facts About Yourself

a. i suck at life
b. im a huge geek even though im so cool
c. i love girls waaaay too much (nah just enough)
d. i dont think its better to have loved and lost.
e. i love starbucks like its my job

7. Two Things You Expect To Happen (at least for now)

a. i wont be able to sleep well all week
b. i need to go to halloween parties

8. Four Random Thoughts

a. boys suck
b. the x-files was such a damn good show. i miss it.
c. i hate being in this house alone
d. i hope i dont forget the new lgbta meeting time.

9. Song You Are Listening To (give singer)

missy higgins - scar

10. Time

October 25, 2005. 03:20 AM
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