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wow, i am still totally awed by last night. a dream come true. I couldnt even begin to explain to anyone what exactly happened all night. it was just the most amazing experience ever. My friend got a pic of Cory licking my face!!!! lol i cant wait to see that one!! ahhh flickerstick.

so tomorrow i have an optional math final. I am passing the class so i can opt out of it. I think i will hehe. Better to smoke up then do all that shit right? so thats what i am doing. This feels better anyways. i just wish there was more that i could do.

i totally missed my therapy appoinment today. I was like yeah i'll go but then i just couldnt get up. I thought i rescheduled it but then realized i did it in my dream. SO now i have to call the stupid counceling center and reschedule for after the break. that will suck and she will say something. i feel so bad.

anyways, other then that i just hung out with Josh and then did nothing. No i am feelin fine and Mary is gone. hehe. oh and i threw up again today.. i tried to eat but i just couldnt. i felt so guilty now. i dunno. i cant even think right now so i should probably stop this before i say anything else i didnt mean to say. lol ok. goodnight to all. like my new icon???

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