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snagged from erries

1. What new television show do you like best this season?

uhm new i even watching any? ive been watching invasion on and off and its not half bad i suppose.

2. What returning show do you like best this season? What has been disappointing?

Best: yeah i have to go with battlestar galactica. its been astounding as always but just keeps getting better

Disappointing: and ya i have to say Lost here too. it really isnt as good as last season at all. im hoping it will shape up soon and get out of this slump. right now i guess they are just trying to tie up a few thing and then they will get to the good stuff hehe

3. What's your favorite procedural: Cold Case, Bones, NCIS, Numb3rs, CSI: The Mother Ship, CSI: David Caruso's Sunglasses or CSI: NY is a Very Blue City?

CSI las vegas definitly. i dont watch the others at all. i watched CSI NY for a while but now that im into LOST i cant cause its at the same time? yeah.

4. Which new XF rip-off hommage do you like best: Invasion, Threshold, Surface or Supernatural?

invasion so far. i have to watch threshold though and see cause i heard it was good.

5. Which season of television on DVD did you buy most recently?

buy? download...haha nip/tuck season 2 and my so called life. yeeeahh

6. What show would you be willing to pay for to download? What show would they have to pay YOU to download?

i would have payed for nip/tuck. and i would pay for once and again since i hvent been able to download. uh, desperate housewives they would have to pay me to download.

7. What older show, no longer on the air, are you enjoying via reruns or DVD?

xfiles of course!!! dayum! i loooove the reruns. friends and sex and the city too. cant get enough. ever.
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