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OMG i totally forgot to mention that when we went to the buffalo show, we needed film so we stopped at a walgreens, you know the pharmacy. My friend goes in before us and comes running back out to the car. We rolled down the window and shes lik "Rex is in there!!!" we were like what?!?! we jumped out of the car and ran over there so freakin fast. I didnt know what to do so i went in and he was standing right at the checkout. i was like omg and i went behind one of the isles. Then he left the store and my friend caught up to him and was like "Rex!" he turned around and was like me? like he didnt know who would possibly recognize him. he looked so cute though. SO we got his autogrpah and we were like we were just on the way to the show. He told us that fletcher told him about us and that he definitly put us on the vip list. That was the coolest thing. I cant believe we saw him in walgreens!!

"Imagine me driving the tour bus teehee?" - drunk fletcher after teh buff show =P

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