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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
thanksgiving break part 1 
27th-Nov-2005 04:41 pm
so...the thanksgiving update.
vitos mom drove me to the airport. which was nice. cab fare is rediculous. i got to nyc bright and early and my dad was there to pick me up. Dan drove us to the E train and we took the subway home from there. so damn tedious. i thought i was gonna pass out, and it didnt help that i was so sick. the rain was pouring so fuckin hard. it was funny how the weather here was worse than in buffalo (not for long) we stopped to get pizza from Figaroe;s on the way home. i love that place. cristina just woke up. it was so good to see her :D then we just hung out for a while. i took a little nap cause bah, i was exhausted. then i decided it would be a good day to hang out with annie since it was a short break and all. so 6:30 i met her at 86th street. we went to the pool/arcade place we used to go to all the time. got a gin and 7 and then played a few games. we were pretty bored after a while so we decided to go to TJ's cause pete was working tonight. soooo yeah we got there, things were a little different, new tv, new juke box hehe. but we got drunk. and saw pete who was as awsome as ever. we talked a lot then drank some more, then went next door to my old apartment, and someone actually let us in! we took pics and went all the way to the top floor. it was crzy and fun. i miss that place so much sometimes. then we walked to york ave and took pics there too hehe. theeeen we went back and got more drunk, played a bunch of songs on the juke box and then i was starving so we went over to mcdonalds. i wish i could remember how good that burger was lol.

after a little while we started to talk about deeper stuff and it just became a mess from there. ugh. so we cried and grrr'd and all that. and then when we were drunk enough we decided it was time to go home. there was arguementation but i decided it wasnt worth it so that was it. when i got home my sister let me in and we smoked. and lord did i get fucked up. havent done that in a while lol we laughed and i was so like 2 years old. and then my mom came in so that was funny and scary. and then i think i passed out.

the next day was RENT day. i was so freakin excited. my dad made breakfast and we just hung out at home the whole day. then later on mike came over and we waited in anticipation to leave. we walked to the theatre and there was already a line, just to be let in. rent was amazing. more than amazing. i cant wait for this crhistmas cause...yeah broadway!!

and thats all for now cause V is distracting me.
Felix- to the left
(Deleted comment)
27th-Nov-2005 11:41 pm (UTC)
i havent had the mcgriddle yet! something about it weirds me out. like muffin with syrup thingies or whatever they are...with ham egg and cheese? i dunno. one of these days ill try one, and ill think of you!! hehe.

how was your break?

27th-Nov-2005 10:06 pm (UTC)
OMG wasn't RENT like totally bloody f'in brilliant!
27th-Nov-2005 11:37 pm (UTC)
it really was. i was beyond amazed. i cant wait to go see it like 4530498750295 more times!! hehe
27th-Nov-2005 10:56 pm (UTC)
psst: Rent
27th-Nov-2005 11:39 pm (UTC)
ohmylord. those are gorgeous!!
i love you!!! ;)
28th-Nov-2005 12:50 am (UTC)
Tehee, now I have the soundtrack playing non stop. *gg*
28th-Nov-2005 01:05 am (UTC)
LOL me too. i love it :)
27th-Nov-2005 11:31 pm (UTC)
psh popular girl you're fun
27th-Nov-2005 11:40 pm (UTC)
yess i am fun! hehe. so we should hang out more! ;)
together we would be extreme fun hehe
28th-Nov-2005 01:44 am (UTC)
RENT was amazing, and I want to go see it on Broadway over break too... Im glad u had an amazing break, mine was good too, not too eventful, but still good :)
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