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i'm home

well after a long trip and lots of being sick and throwing up, i finally made it home. It was a pretty cool roadtrip even though wer had to stop a bunch of times. hehe

so i went to my sisters gospel chorus concert last nigth with josh and andrea. they loved it/ I saw a lot of old friends and my one friend Jose who i have been dying to see and havnt seen for 2 years! he gave me his number and email so we can keep in touch. that was way awsome. Then we went out to eat and i wanted a burger but i couldnt eat one cause i think i am vegitarian now hehe. And then we went home and joshs girlfriend was bitching at him so he had to leave. SO today we are gonna go see teh rockafellar christmas tree and maybe go ice skating and go to FAO schwartz.

my friend said she got a picture of cory licking my face!!!! lol

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