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I have never walked so much as i did yesterday in my entire life. Me and ANdrea went shopping all over new york. I got some really nice stuff and some presents for my neice and nephew. I got this really awsome black velvet sweatshirt and some green glitter. I also got this black glitter flower for my hair from H&M. I love that store only when they have black and red stuff. hehe. SO today we are all tired out and i think we are just gonna go see a movie and then chill. I think we are finally gonna see Oceans Eleven. yay hot guys.

I cant wait to see Kara. SHe might come with us tomorrow when we go see Rent. That should be fun. She likes this new guy though but i know she would want to get together anyways. I also really want to see My friend Emily. We are trying to figure out how to see eachother sometime soon.

so yes, thats all for today. i want to see fletcher again. i asked my mom if she could get me him for christmas. hehe

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