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tis the season

I miss talkign to my lj friends. I hate being home. I could so go back to school right now and be totally ok with it. I can feel my mental health declining as i am home. And to top it all off i am running out of my medication. I have 7 days left. poop

So we went to teh empire state building yesterday and it was sooo pretty. I dont think i have ever been way up there. It was so windy though. Other then that we didnt do anything thank god cause i was getting really really sick. Andrea is going to Josh's today. I am not. I am too mad at him to go to his house. Plus Kara is comming over tomorrow and i cant wait to see her more then anything.

I wish some people would just tell you straight out whats wrong and not beat around the bush. If your mad at me just tell me. If your pset with me, tell me. I cant read minds. and i am not wonderwoman. I cant do everything at the same time. I am sick, and tired and have had a really busy week. what do you expect from mee????

Oh, and I got Flickerstick tickets for Irving Plaza!!!!! Jan 16th Fletcher here i come!!!!! =)

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