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survey from Izzy's Journal. *poop*
[ what is my name? ] Csilla
[ what state do I live in? ] NY
[ pick a couple of words/phrases to describe me in your eyes: ] refreshingly beautiful
[ hair color? ] Black with green rooots
[ eye color? ] brown
[ height / weight: ] 5'5/ too fat
[ my "style" ] goth
[ my favorite film director: ] the dude who did se7en and Tim Burton
[ name a couple of my most favorite movies: ] Se7en, Swordfish, return to me, american psycho, ID4, speed, the mummy (i am going through a weird phase right now)
[ name a couple of my most favorite bands/artists: ] flickerstick, remy zero, linkin park, billy idol, no doubt, tori amos
[ sexual preference? ] boys and girls =)
[ tell me an album I would love based on my interests: ] anything the cure and tori, probably remy zero
[ tell me why you read my journal entries... ] cause your interesting and i looove you
[ how many musicians have I talked to? ] you? a bunch. your a lucky girl. meee...just flickerstick which is good enough for me, oh and remy zero.
[ if I did believe in reincarnation, what do you think I would have been in a past life? ] a cat hehe
[ am I submissive or dominant? ] submissive =p
[ do you love me? ] YES!
[ do elaborate... why or why not? ;) ] because you are special and nice to me and love good music and are very intelligent and cool. teehee
[ well I LURV yew ] *end survey*

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