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aw i love tuesdays.

tonights NCIS was pretty damn cute. Abby's birrthday!! she looked so freakin beautiful. and i need that dress so damn bad. i wonder wht brand it is. if anyone can get a cap of it that would be awsome. and i have those cute little shoes she was wearing. that was so cute that everyone got her black flowers.

but omg i wonder what Gibbs got her! i KNEW they werent gonna show it lol. i wanna knooooooow.
i felt so bad for abby the whole time and lol at how snippy she was with gibbs.

also, gibbs line about the director, classic. hehe. im glad she wasnt in this ep.

tony was a little bleh in this episode with that woman. so what if she didnt shave. i dunno, it was beyond sexist. even for tony. although i can see him being tht way, i just didnt want to lol. im really starting to like his relationship with Ziva. they are pretty cute.

yup/ thats all for now.
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