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teeveeee meh.

so how exactly does autosave work? cause it doesnt seem to be working for anyone. ever. lol
anyway...ill try to remember what i wrote down.

so last nights NCIS

talk about foreshadowing?!?! so all during last nights ep they kept saying how tony was so much like gibbs, mcgee called him boss, he was trying to carry out duties that were difficult but that he had to do and followed his gut, and gibbs told him what a good job he had done. which was so freakin cute. but...its like they are setting him up to take gibbs place.

i loved all the cute scenes and i hope they were just telling us how awsome tony is. otherwise ill just be sad if this is a foreshadowing to gibbs leaving. all in all the ep was ok. it was like a lot of eps, but of course much different cause it was NCIS and they do everything better. abby and mcgee were especially adorable too. they are so doing it all the time ;)

no new ep next week?

and then i watched that new show, daughters and sons or whatever its called. and it was pretty funny. i enjoyed it very much, especially when the grandma was like, she went number 1, but she didnt go number 2. and the little girl goes. yes i did, they just havent found it yet. HA.

and omg i watched Boston Legal for the first time, and i thought i would hate it cause well...yeah. lol. and it was so good! what the hell? lol

so thats the tv entry. how exciting :p
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