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today i was gonna go see my sister and Jen and all of them at LAG, but i couldnt get my lazy but out of bed on time, which was fine cause i was really tired. I was up till like 4 in the morning writing. I love writing at night. Everything just seems to flow out so smoothely.

So today i am going to my grandmas house in NJ. Hopefully i can get some really nice bright red hair dye and fix my hair. The green is starting to look kinda skanky lol. ANd i can get my arm thingys too from hot topic.

I cant wait to go see Emily next thrusday. I am kinda nervouse though. SHe calls me yesterday and talks to me about kissing me! lol i cant wait!shes so cute sometimes.The loong distance girlfriend thing will be hard, but ya never know, this might be a good one.

Maybe this weekend I will go see A beautiful Mind. sound fun. I had an amazing dream about James Marsters. I was his girl =)

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