Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.


Yesterday was fantastic, as every flickerstick show is! I was so escited to see them again. It was such heaven being there last night. Irving Plaza was such a bitch though. You can tell the band is getting big though. Everything was so much crazier then usual. But the show was awsome. When i get my pics back i will scan them and send em to whoever wants em =)

now for the bad news, i got home so late last night/ this morning that i cant go see emily. That has to be the worst thing ever. At least i got to see flick, but emily is always saying how everyone disapoints her. and now i will too. i just didnt want to be that person to her you know? life sux and it doesnt. i dont know what to think anymore.

I am finally going back to school sunday though, that is really exciting. I totally cant wait at all. Josh went back to school today cause he is an RA. it will be so weird seeing him and andrea after so long. I feel like i changed so much since the last time i saw them. yikes. well ya so thats all about that. Oh yeah and i got two flickerstick picks =) hehe ahhh fletchr...

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