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got this from my friend tiffany's journal hehe

*Questions of the Day*
#1. Do you, like me, think it's time that The X-Files ends? Would you rather it go on another season or go out with a bang this season?
#2. What do you like MOST about The X-Files?
#3. If you could believe anything what would you want to believe?
#4. Do you watch the Olympics?

1. yes i think it should end. ENough with the horrible trying to get through without mulder or david duchovny stuff!!! ahh! we know the show was ALL about him so stop trying to make it like its not!!!! whew now that i got that out of my system....

2. what do i like most..hmm...umm..MULDER. lol nah its a cool show. very intiguing and gross and its always neat how they work things out. especially Mulder... hehe

3. what would i want to believe?? thats kind of a weird question...Well i already believe in paranormal stuff and aliens and ufo's so i dont want to believe in that casue i already do. I guess I would have to say witchcraft and psychics, casue i kinda do but i need more proof. lol

4. do i watch the olympics? HELL NO! lik ei would sit around the boring ass TV for like 6 hours watching people ski down a hill and fall all over themselves. LOL... no

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