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Well, i got back to school last night. I was so excited. The bus took a million hours and my butt hurt like all hell, but it was so good to be back in buffalo. Kinda weird really. I felt bad leaving my mom and my sister. Especially my sister. I get so worried about her sometime. I wish she could just come and live with me. SHe loves the idea hehe. SO yeah it was so good to be back. Maggie and Mary cut thier hair and it looks so cute. I unpacked all my stuff for a million hours and then I hung out with Josh and Andrea all night. I dont know why i was so worried about the three of us changing so much. It was like we just clicked the second we saw eachother. Its like we never left. It was so awsome. But in a way we did all grow. i feel like i am a much better person right now. I can just go by what i think and it will be ok. I know what i want and i know that i want to find out who i am no matter how hard that is. And i think i am almost there. Its an amazing feeling. So i am glad that i grew in that way.

So now its like 4 am and josh, andrea and i finally said goodnight to eachother. Mary went to Bob;s so i can smoke in peace here. so awsome. SHes gonna be there like every weekend i bet cause he has a single. Its gonna be great. I hope my classes are good though. They are way hard this semester and a lot of them. ok enough with the summary of my life hehe. Its good to be here. i feel almost whole...

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