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Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

LOST!!! and csi:ny

both LOST and csi: ny nearly killed me with glee and ahhhh today. if i wasnt so damn fuckin sick i'd be more squeeish lol.
is anyone else following the lost experience thing with the websites and all? its good stuff. the latest website lead to a clue which was really freaky. im like scared in my own house now lol. i wanna geek out some more but im burning up and getting freaked at the same time lol. not good. but please, discuss, i wanna hear the new theories and all in light of tonights ep (eeeeep!)

jess, hows the book comin along??? i wanna know all about it!!! :D

and csi:ny...could danny be any hotter? the sadness again, and then him being all grrr...and the blue shirt with the blazer. i think he made my temperature rise a few more degrees. lol. the danny and flack scenes are killin me. im so glad they are finally stickin the two of them together. and aww the end was so cute! and sad. and im not in the mood to lj cut so im just gonna leave it at that.

ill update on my actual real life later, when im not dying lol.



so the orientation film was from 1980. that was like 20 years know, string theory and all ;)
so the dharma scientists are 'the others' i think. but were they left behind? i mean, thats what they make it seem like, but then again they are still sending food and stuff to the island

also, did the orientation guy say they should go to the ferry when they were done with the experiment? i kind of missed that but i thought thats what i heard.

so now we know there were psych experiments going on, but i dont think thats all it was. they are watching all the hatches, but how can the medical one with claire and her baby and ethan just be a b.f skinner experiment. not buyin it.

oh and the psychic!!!! he has got to be working for dharma, just like paik. through their lives all of them must have had dharma agents trying to get to them somehow. not to mention all the psychics talk about 'good people' which we know are 'the others' favorite words.

i dont even know what im talking about anymore. lol. meh
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