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so these are another set of tiff's questions that i found worthy to answer hehe. love ya tiff.

*Daily Questions*
#1. When people kick you out of their lives how do you feel?
#2. Would anybody take me away from here if they could? To be with them? Cuz I really need that right now...
#3. How far would you go if you loved somebody? (I mean would you give up everything? Fly half way around the world?)
#4. What do you like most about church?

1. when people kick me out of their lives i feel like shit. And i should know, it has happened to me with EVERY friendship i have ever had...even if it hasnt happened yet, it will. its inevitable. When people dont want you, what are you supposed to think? how worthless do i feel...

2. OMG tiff i would take you away from there in a heartbeat. If you wanna come here and live with me its no problem at all. i welcome you with open arms!! i am totally serious too.

3. if i loved someone i would give up everything for them. everything i ever had or could have. I woud give my life for them if i had too.i believe love is the only thing in life that you need to live. without love...your dead inside.

4. i dont go to church.. i dont like church. goes against my beliefs. but when my parents make me go i like the singing. lol cause thats what i do, sing.

yep yep, those are the questions of the day. now who wants to get ME out of here??

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