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as the day goes on...

Yesterday i dodnt really do anything. i woke up pretty late and just did nothing. lol.

today i woke up late too but not as late as i wanted to. i showered and got dressed cause we are going to the mall today. i wanna shop at hot topic today. i rreeeeaally want this black sweater i saw there with little cherry rhinestones on the side. and i wanna get a red bandana so i can Be in Cory's gang sometimes :) then we are probably gonna go see American Pie 2.

i finally took my flickerstick nailpolish off. i put the Cory red nailpolish on instead. i can;t believe i found the exact color that he was wearing!

last night there was the most amazing thunderstorm. i wished i could go outside in it but i was too depressed to get up all over again. I watched an x-files ep with vampires instead. It was the ep with the girl and the blood.

i cant get my computer to stay connected for more then like 10 minutes so i cant go on aim. its drving me nuts....

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