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oh snap.

oh man, todays ep was damn good.

and christian is so gay. he really irked me in this ep though. like, i know they were trying to show something with him punching the dude and kicking him out, but it was still like...ugh. and the way he treated kimber was bordering on abuse. like i know christian has his way...all "more ass and less mouth"...but i just felt like he was pushing it a little.

and i was SO pissed a sean and julia for yelling at Annie so much about what she was doing. shes a kid for god sakes. she is just trying to work things out in her head. and experience what they are going through. thats how kids react. its insane that they had two kids and know nothing about them. its such a rookie move. they are out of control parents. for real.

i so thought christian and that guy were gonna hook up. i got all excited and boo.

and aaaah kimber! i was so happy to see her and then....

SCIENTOLOGY!!!!!!!! AHAHAHA. as soon as i heard her start to talk about all that hokey crap i was like..oh man, here comes the scientology. and i was so right. lol. they so went there.

do you think matt realizes he looks like michael jackson? word.
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