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I dont even know what to write. the past two days have been very weird...

yesterday we went to see a walk to remember. it was so amazingly good. one of the best movies i have seen actually. Shane west is the biggest hottie and mandy moore is so pretty, and she was a good actress. i was surprised. hehe

so when we came back i just wanted to hang out with josh but everyone else wanted to get alcohol and drink. so i got some shit and we hung out in lil and maggies room for a while. I really didnt want to be there though. so i left and went to go find josh. he was downstairs talking to jim, this hot guy mike, and matt about making a porno. lol. Josh has been so different lately. i dont even know how to explain it. i mean he has been layed back and cool, but just weird. i'll get used to it.

anyways everyone else went back to their rooms and i went to josh;s room and we seriously talked and hung out till like 7:30 am. it was so fun. i woke up at 3pm today lol.

today was just retarded. i was feeling lonely and wanted to be mandy moore in a walk to remember so i could be in love. lol how weird am i. i finally got my books for school and the walk to remember book. its cute.

I cant wait for Izzy and Katie to come to the Flickerstick concert with me!!! yippee!! i dont want to go to school tomorrow!

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