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I woke up with a very strange feeling today. It was really off. maybe it was my dream. i dunno. but i went back to bed i was like fuck world civ recitation its the first week i'll just go next week. lol i am back in full loser mode. ok not full but i can feel it kickin in. hehe.

Today i have psychology which is kick ass. i cant wait. i have to get tickets for the showing of the NIN dvd in the student union. i cant believe they are doing that. its so hot!!! i also have to get printer ink cause i have two things due and my damn printer isnt working.

ugh today is gonna be such a crappy day. Josh didnt stop by last night so that kinda put a dent in it all. then i dont see andrea till like 7 today...but i did get new eyeliner lol. i suck so bad...

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