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you make this all go away...

I hold on to you like a waking dream
too scared to let go and fall
i take the breath you give to me
but i am too scared to take it all.
I cant remember ever feeling this way
maybe once in a place not too far
but this whispers through me
squeezing my heart and i can feel it
helping the blood flow.
through my veins i can finally feel
i think you are the only one to help me heal.
i know to ask is too unkind
but i need you to see the pain in me
in my soul, my heart, my every tear.
you make me feel like there is a day
where the clouds can just dissapear.
I dont want to feel again but this is what you did
i'm drowning in your every look, every smile, the way
you just appear.
i need to hold you, i need to take your life away.
the darkness i feel is finally going away.
i stare at you then when you fall away.
and i clench to you but you keep pulling away.
how much do you think i can take before every
part of me falls apart.
if you dont need me then maybe i was a mistake


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