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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
she woke in the morning, she knew that her life had passed her by... 
29th-Jan-2002 11:19 am
yeah, i woke up late today, on purpose. so this is the start of another day that i just dont want to face.

i have so much stuff to do for class today that i just havnt gotten around to doing because i have way more important things on my mind right now. and i dont know what to do with them cause my therapist hasnt called me back yet. i called her friday... maybe she just gave up too. i mean what if i was dead?

Today they are showing the Nine Inch Nails dvd in the student union theatre so thats the only thing i am looking forward to. not even so much. i mean i love nin to death and i am majorly happy i got tickets, but josh was supposed to come and he cant. what else is new right?

incubus kicks so much ass. i am so obsessed with them now lol. brandon boyd looks amazing in the drive video. there is just something so appealing about him. of course he looks good, but i think its that inner peace he seems to have...

so fuck the world today i guess.
Felix- to the left
29th-Jan-2002 08:36 am (UTC)
hehe, i think brandon boyd is cool because when they first started getting famous, he was really really skinny, and i was thinking, "now there's an honest musician. he's not worried only about how he looks in front of a camera, good for him!" of course now he's been working out, but that skinny inner being will always be there.
i would fuck the world today, but I just don't think i have the time or energy for that many people in a mere 24 hours. i mean, i know some people who may be able to pull it off, but i just don't have the experiance. oh well, maybe when i'm older.
29th-Jan-2002 09:34 am (UTC) - Re:
lol i could probably fuck the world. Yeah i know what you mean about brandon boyd. i mean he is still skinny as hell though. But i think it looks good on him. and i also like that they are SO not cocky since they have become like really big.they are still the same down to earth people as when they started out.
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