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no life

01. I hurt: myself
02. I love: my music
03. I hate: myself
04. I cry: a lot
05. I fear: never finding true love
07. I'm saddened: by life and people around me
08. I feel alone: every second
09. I kill: my soul
10. I talk: seldom
11. I listen: to everyone
12. I break: mirrors =p
13. I see: hazy things
14. I smell: static
15. I taste: salt
16. I work: alone
17. I remember: those feeling of ecstacy
18. I hold: all the wrong cards
19. I hide: my feelings
27. I miss: happiness
28. I touch: myself
31. I know: nothing
32. I said: "do you know how far this has gone? just how damaged i have become?"
33. I dream: bad things lately
35. I want: to be in love and have love in return
36. I fall: apart inside and out
38. I need: human contact
39. I live: because i am not couragious enough to kill myself

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