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im in ur torchwood making some vids

so....ive finally figured out how to make some music vids. torchwood inspired me. lol.
so keep in mind that this is my first vid ever. and feedback would be lovely.
yes, i know this is the epitome of dorkyness. thank you.

Title: what it feels like
Artist: nine inch nails
Vidder: brandinsbabe
Summary: general Torchwood vid. spoilers up to countrycide
Pairing/Character: none
Category: action-ish
Format: .mov (uses quicktime)
Size: uhm...very small. lol like 148 kb i think

for some reason its not working so dont try right now. ill post it again when i figure out whats wrong

ps. does anyone know how to convert it to a file that i can put on youtube?
Tags: fandom, music vid, torchwood

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