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well today was a very very interesting day let me tell ya. for those of you who care, me and andrea talked it out and we are all good right now. i decided to forgive her for what she said to me cause its just not worth it. I didnt see her all day though until tonight when josh came over. we went down to the eli to get stuff then we came back to hang out with andrea and jeff who seems to be like her new best friend. lol they are cute together anyways. We had so much fun though. i had like a newfound happyness tonight. i know what it is but i will get into that later. so yeah we hung out and just had fun instead of being all sulky and serious and stuff. it was great. i took some cute pictures as well so that should come out good.

anyways on with what made me feel better. last night was horrible and i wanted to just throw it all away. i cut myself really bad and all that and i woke up feeling kinda shitty. i didnt go to any of my classes cause i just couldnt. its that feeling coming back to me again. so i had to get out of here. i needed to get out my anger and aggression towards myself out somewhere so i went and got a tattoo and my eyebrow pierces. lol. they both look so hot though hehe. andrea says the eyebrow ring looks natural on me. this tattoo hurt more then my other 3. poop hehe. now i am gonna go smoke cause its

maybe i should start my homework....

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