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first off, good luck to al my little people out there, jensen, harry and a few others. Stuff may not get better, but atleast when your older you can party lol ok s i suck at advice right now but thats probably cause i am in such pain.

its freakin 20 degrees out here and the city which my school is in is under a state of emergency cause the wind is blowing so hard its likepuching cars off the road and shit. only in buffalo... plus i woke up sooo sick this morning. my throat hurts, my head hurts and i have a fever. so i missed math but i realy gotta make it to psych. hmmm...

my tattoo hurts like fuck cause its on my hand and i keep smacking it into things. i am gonna be so dead when my parents find out i got an eyebrow ring. they told me i could never come back into the house if i got one...oh well. fuck them. i probably would have hurt myself way more if i didnt get one.

i feel like i have to barf. today sucks ass. plus i am hungry but dont wanna eat :\

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