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so i ended up going to michelles room and getting totally wasted which really helped my cold..thanks for the advice emily!!! hehe.

andrea was hanging out with jeff again. he slept over there last night. she told me they had a great time. so she didnt need me tonight. huh.... thats gonna get fun everntually. being replaced is well, usual for me. whatevr

and i went to say goodnight to josh cause i knew he probably wouldnt come up to say goodnight. he was really glad to see me and said he wanted to come chill with me but he was tired. and he really does need his sleep so that was cool. we just talked a little and still had a great time. thats what i love about josh. I can talk to him for like 5 min or 5 hours and even in 5 min i can get totally cheered up or it will make my day. i'm telling you, hes like my drug. i need him atleast once a day and i will feel better or else my life is shit. thats really cool and not in very big ways. i am so dependent and needy..i just realized that today too...

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