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your going to get what you deserve

I have no one to talk to anymore. i have never felt such a blow in my entire life. I cant talk to andrea anymore cause she is always with Jeff. 24 hours a day, so i can never talk to her about stuff or how i am feeling.

like tonight...

and i cant talk to josh cause i feel all different around him now, now that i actually convinced myself that i like him. And all he talks about are all the cute girls he sees all the time and i am like yeah great. and i feel like he is so sick of hearing my problems already and he will just get tired of me sooner or later....

i thought i felt alone before? this is even worse. i hope mary left for the night so i can smoke up in my room. maybe that will get all this anger out of my system and i dont have to go do stupid things again.

I dont wanna wake up tomorrow. i cant. my therapist called me to schedule and appointment at 1 but i dont wanna go. i really dont. i wanna just lie in bed forever and never have to deal with the world again. curl up in the dark. fuck the world. fuck it.

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