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slipping away

i really hate fucking people.

i went to my therapist today and what did she say? nothing. she said i need to let go of this fantasy of tyring to work things out between josh and andrea. yeah dumb bitch, if they were your only two friends would you be saying the same thing? did she care that i was upset or depressed or wanted to die? no i dont htink so. did she let me tell her about how i cut and burned my arm and i wanted to cut deeper? no cause she wanted to hear about how much i liked josh, which i didnt even tell her. i hate this bullshit. and she wants me to go back to see the psychiatrist that i hate just to get my medication, like there was no one else to get it from when the other lady told me there was. ok now i am just overly upsetting myself by thinking about all this again. ha she cant even help like to see someone who can.

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