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buff, ny

I really hate buffalo snow. it is so fucking slippery. i fell on my ass and really hurt my knee. it was so not cool. now i am like putting ice on it and shit but its still crazy.

i got a really cool lipstick. it looks cool. its like a blackish color with a shiny blue tint. yay.

josh stopped by for like a second to borrow my ketchup, then he just left. it was like..uh, hello? whatever. i am so gonna stop thinking about him cause i am not doing this whole falling in love thing again. it almost killed me last time, literally. and i am just not gonna do that again.

this world really is as bad as it seems...

You are the sweatdrop, you are always embarrassed it seems like. Grow some self esteem and take the world by the nuts! You don't have the time to wallow in low confidence levels!

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