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Tonight was ok actually. i was moping around my room trying everything to not do my homework, which i still havnt done by the way... and i picked up Mary's cosmo magazine which i normally never read hehe, and read a really great article about self esteem and being sexy. it was really helpful and kinda made me feel better which is always good.

so Josh stopped by after room checks (hehe i put all my candles back up) and we went downstairs to hubbies to get food and we just hung out. it was so awsome. i totally let my smile shine and the aura was great. we were really having an awsome time. he even said he felt the love hehe. it was cool. then andrea came down all upset over her wanting to be with jeff but then there is luke and all that hehe. but it was still cool. so tonight was good. i feel better tonight.

Also i got a refill of my medication today so once that starts to kick in i might be better. I believe i didnt take it for like 2 months...not smart. but my hair looked really good today and josh complimented it so yay. hehe so much for me not thinking of josh or going on and on about him. my drug....

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