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these days...

Today hehe I woke up late and missed my math class. but hey, whatever. so i woke up in time to go to abnormal psych. I look really hot today so i felt good. i also remembered that thing i read yesterday about having self confidence. and it worked again! i am so silly hehe.

so i went to class with Bob and it was fun. then after class i went to meet Josh at the wellness center. thats prtobably why i was so happy....poop. anyways we hung out there for like 2 hours just talking and checking out all the cool stuff. That place is so amazing and relaxing. Its all about the inner spirit and wellness. They had this cool massage chair there that i sat in for like so long. hehe. they also had that really cool waterfall thing. i want one so bad. also one of those little things that makes different sounds like rain, waterfall, stream, stuff like that. Josh was so into it. it was so cute =)

so tonight andrea had rehearsal till like 10 and josh has lots of work to do, so i guess i will have time to catch up with reading and stuff wince i havnt been to english in like a week. time to start going hehe... time to change my life.

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