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thank god fro prozac...

wow. what weirdness. yesterday was like up and down all over the place. i really need a better mood stabalizer. this is out fo control.

i hung out with Josh for like a million hours last night. it was so great. we talked about everything, more intensly then usual though. Like it was weird. He was being really open and comfortable and i dunno if it was my imagination, but he was being kinda flirty, well not really. i dunno. it was just...great.

haha i had the weirdest thing happen to me yesterday. why do math teachers have to be so cute and young???? lol amanda....

Hey csilla,
When I made the "mental connection" yesterday. I was totally surprised
After realizing you were in my class, I felt kinda weird about the
email I had just sent you the day before.
It's just weird that I "asked a student out to coffee".
And that this Sunday, we'll be going out to Marcella's.
It's sooooo weird!!!!!!!! But hey, the weirder the better --- that's what I've always said....

LOLOL thats not all, but ahhh my math teacher!!!!! actually i am totally cool with it now cause hes cool with it so good. lol the weirdness that is my life.
oh and i got up at 2...missed all my classes. what a day. Josh might go to a frat party with me tonight!!! LOLOL i can totally see mr.straight edge being drunk :p

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