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long time no see....

No i didn't die!!!!! never fear. hehe. I was just busy packing for my long trip off to college. I feel better about it this year caue i already know my way around and i know a few people. Sophore year should be better up here in Buffalo. The only thing i am mad at is the Flickerstick concert on the 11th!!! I wont be in t he city damn it!!! this sux.

Other then that my room is small but nice. And myr oomate is cool. We get along great. i am sooooo tired from unpacking all day though. and its already like 2:30 am... and i have to get up early tomarrow to go shopping for more stuff.

we went to TGIFridays today and it was pretty good. i got shrimp and steak. Dude, you should see how much snapple i got. hehe

ok well i am off to bed, trying to figure out where to put all my clothes. And what to do about no Buffy here in Buffalo. how can there be no UPN?!!?!?!? argh.

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