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i've decided to finally clean up my user info. its been a while lol. so i am making a seperate post for resources and such.

-brush credits for icons, and textures goes to lornyloo calixa crumblingwalls grass_stained teh_indy quebelly dtissagirl elli lily_blossoms saava inxsomniax luxbella fadeastride evenstar_leftofmyheart ____xruinme crushedviolet __lumos inexorablyhere fophead makeuplovegloss stickywicket pilothotoko contradictz tragic_icons iconxbrothelnellenoir contradictz radon_ divinecomedy soporifical icon_goddess kurogane firaga __3ppl crystalkirk meleada myvowsofsilence fluffy_monster firaga xxmiraclexx ohpaintbrush likescarecrows photoshopranger propaganda_live my_wonderful dearest colourofclouds cosmo_mouse colortone chouchoune blimey_icons squarefaces livelovebelieve digitaljazz vodkaandirony any_otherday unioncity eyes__x__rot disneylori trash_graphics happyconfusion7 midnightzstorm risha666 ewanism graphical_love dilkerhtahai unmasked_icons arisubox elli discolore sir recycled_sleep pixelated_art le_mot_mo hficons streetlightsss seemyhands itsadoodle ,,,,,,,,,, and if you see one i used and didnt credit Please let me know!

-Heroes caps mostly from sky_angel22 and

-Stargate sg-1 and Atlantis caps from tehshroom and fakehedges</font>
- CSI caps mostly from wurlocke, outxofxcontext, followtheroad and solementenic

- some House caps from bluebear_74

- Torchwood caps mostly from marishna, dj_capslock and

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by Image hosted by
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