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Josh, Andrea, Lil and I went out to a club called Utopia tonight. i knew i was in for something. we took like forever to get are clothes picked out lol.Then we left at like 12. I am so not into the techno scene cause i never listen to it (i think now i will though) .

anyways, it was a horrible night. i had fun but josh was treating me like a total alien. i think he knows how i feel about him now cause he was acting so weird when we got back. like i was dancing with hima nd getting close to him and i dont know how he felt about it. i think he freaked out cause hes like woah you gusy are my residents and i'm your RA. ugh . then for the rest of the night he was avoiding me and being nasty to me, cause he was nervous or something. he was being such a dick. so i was mean back cause why should i take that crap. so yeah...

then i get a phone call, thinking its him i pick up but its some random guy that just picked up any phone number and called it and it was mine. so we have been talkin for an hour now. its so funny lol. the saga of my life continues...

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