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look at meeee =p

so no one comments anymore but jen and amanda. its cool. lol

so far today was good. probably cause i havnt seen josh yet. i cant believe i saw him 2 minutes yesterday and i was ok with it and didnt go running down to his room to say sorry for being mean. lol hopefully i can keep it up and not have to see him at all. i am so not going to diner with him tonight.

i went to the office today to hang out with amanda. it was pretty cool. i felt bad though cause i was soo trying to finish my homework and i wasnt talking much. i met emily;s friend Tavi though which was way cool cause she talks about him all the time. i hope she starts talking to me again. guess shes not my girlfriend anymore lol. that completely died and it was all my fault.

i dropped my rnglish class today cause i hate it and i was gonna get nothing higher then a B anyways. oh well, i need the perfect one anyways. i am gonna start working out tomorrow cause andrea is getting a job in the weight room. that should be fun. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

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