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if my hand falls of, i would be sad... lol

so josh comes by and is like oh you wanna go to the SU and hang out? and i am like i dont know i'll think about it, like as not sweetly as i possibly could. then he left and i freaked out and asked a bunch of my friends what i should do. lol they told me not to go. so i went. lol

i was really bitchy with him the whole time though cause i really wanted him to get the point. well i think he got it alright cause i didnt say a word to him the bus ride home except like a "ya" every once in a while to answer what he was saying. and then we rode the elevator up and he got off on his floor and i am like bye. and he gave me a weird hurt look and was just like ok bye. lol i was laughing my ass off after that. i cant believe i actually did that and dont feel too bad about it. he totally deserves it. Then he didnt even come up to say goodnight. its weird but...i dunno.

anyways the rest of the day was just sitting around waiting for andrea cause i missed her soooo much. and i made up with emily which was super fantastic =) Then my friends were makinga huge deal out of how early we have to go to the flickerstick concert. they want to be there at 3 for an 8 oclock show. like wtf. i have to miss 2 classes and then wait for hours in the freezing cold. not my idea of fun. this is not supposed to be stressful. flickerstick is supposed to be the best thing in my life.

Mary is staying with bob again so i guess i will do my homework and smoke or something.

oh, and get this. i fractured my hand, remember that day i fell on my ass? well i fell on my hand first and today it was starting to hurt really bad and now its getting swollen. lucky me...

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