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loves a funny thing...

Adopt your own useless blob! what a cutie =)

so all that time i was trying to stay away from josh, i felt really bad cause i so cant be a bitch for too long lol. i always end up giving in and being the nicer person. ugh i hate that about me. but anyways i went downstairs and talked to him about the other night and he really had no clue what i was talking about lol. i keep thinking guy=bad and i forget that josh is so innocent and he really isnt trying to be a jerk. hes one of those special breeds of guys that is actually genuine. so i apologized for being a bitch and he was totally cool with it. lol i sounded like a jealous girlfriend. i wish. so that conversation lasted till 3am hehe and then i had to write my paper for a class i havnt been to in a week and a half.

i was falling asleep so bad. i realized how comletely stressed out i was. and my hand is killing me. i need to go get it xrayed i thing today, but i dont know where the hell to go at school. i am supposed to go work out with josh today during andreas shift but i am sooooo damn tired. i really need a nap.

I dont know if i am going to the rochester flickerstick show because it is just becoming a hassle and i dont want to not look forward to it and dread it. i've seen them like 6 times already, 7 when i see them in buff. i just dont know...

What is YOUR Highschool label?

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