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I dont know how this happens to me. I have shitty days for like months and stuff and then there is this one spectacular day that just makes me feel so alive. is that what its all about? just these random one days?

i took a really long nap from like 1-5. then i watched full house lol. it was fun though. i never went to work out cause i was just too tired and my hand was killing me, but i was happy about it. it would have been too much. so i call josh cause andrea asked me if i want to go to diner with her and lorean. at first i was like ick no cause i mean i like lorean but her and josh was just....ANYWAYS lol, so Josh couldnt go anyways cause his brother is here for the drum circle tomorrow (which i am really excited about!) so the 3 of us went to diner and i had a really good time with them! The only messed up thing was that we saw lorenzo, cory, josh (the other one lol) and some other dude and these guys were totally making fun of them and harassing them during diner so after lorenzo and them left i totally bitched them out. homophobic assholes. ugh

anyways so diner was fun. then i just came back and hung out with jon. i did my laundry and all cause i had sooo much. plus i gotta clean cause my dad and sister are coming. so then i start my math homework but then Josh stopped by and was like hey. he was sooooo cute today. so he wanted to know if i wanted to go downstairs to get icecream. i was like sure dude. so we got there and he saw this hot girl (she was sooo hot) and i was like yeah you guys would be good together.

so then we get icecream and this awsome girl who was so on something comes over to us and like wants to take our picture. she was soooo amazing. like her attitide, her charisma, her style. everything. so she asked me and josh to stand on the table and hug eachother and she was takin like pics of us and the student club (the place we get food) for her mosaic thingy. then a bunch of joshs friends came over and we just hung out and talked, but it was just so amazing. i actually felt alive. Josh was being so incredibly nice to me today it was unbelievable. and then he tells me that he is so happy that i am here cause i am just this amazing person who can feel everything in such a great way. like woah. you know? i mean i know nothing will happen between us but i am so greatful that he is my best friend.

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