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silly me..

Which Buffy Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

yes i knew i would be her =)

anyways, i went to campus and got some valentines day cards for josh and andrea. i got the perfect one for josh. it says "Youve touched my heart. i'll never be the same again. happy valentines day" isnt that the best?? cause i always tell him he changed my life =)

then i bought these amazing sparkly necklaces. dude they were so expensive but they are beautiful =) i also got a hoop earing for josh cause he really needs one and the one we got the other day was too big. tonight is the drum circle which should be cool. i hope there are not too many people though cause i cant be in a room with too many people lol. i think they are all laughing at me *crackhead* lol

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