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mike huckabee sucks, but this vid rules.

so i dont know if anyone was following the conan/stewart/colbert "feud" over who made mike huckabee, but this is the end of it, and the best vid ive ever seen. lol. you have to watch it till the end cause they are all amazing.

Tags: conan o'brien, funnies, jon stewart, stephen colbert, tv

  • do do do.

    since milo is one of the only things getting me through today, i shall share him with you lol. hai there. hai hai hai.

  • your daily dose of love.

    hehehe :D


    OH MY GAWD LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! sorry for my spazm squee. this wont happen again (lies) :p but OMG LOST!!!!!!!!!!!

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