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sooo hmm where did i leave off in my oh so interesting life? oh yeah, waiting for my sister. so she got here along with my dad and uncle. we went to eat at some greek place that my dad likes. i had vegitable lasagna, it was pretty good. then we just came back and hung out. had a kinda boring night but it was cool.

Today we woke up late and just hung out and watched TV. i have never watched so much spongebob squarepants in my life. lol. then we watched dracula 2000. i love that movie. i know its bad, but the concept of it is sooo great.

i saw Drew yesterday. i used to have such a crush on him...before i figured out that he was gay! hehe just my luck as usual. So he introduced me to his boyfriend who was pretty nice. Anyways he said he saw the pictures of me and josh and i was like oh yay now i know the girls name and i can see the pics. pretty cool.

so andrea is coming back at 4am with john. i am so excited that she is coming back sooner then i thought!! now its time to watch Buffy...

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