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what a long boring, boring day. i went to ALLL thats right, all my classes. omg i thought i was gonna die. Me and Vito had a little chat after class today. lol the things that "teachers" do. hehe hes so cool though. quiz next class? wont be fun.

So i get to my world civ recitation and i find out we are having an essay test. of course i have NO idea about anything cause i missed the last two classes AND the last recitation. I have never written such bullshit in my life. And 3 pages too!!! it was crazy. Then i met andrea and jeff for brunch. i had a coffee. poop

I met my sister for lunch and we lost track of time so i went to psych class late, but it was great fun. i have to go check my test grade now :-\

so andrea left without me to go shopping. I told her to wait for me. how nice of her. of course this is only cause john is here and can replace me. i lvoe being replaced, ecpecially since she is my best friend. ugh. i hate when people do that to me. like what the fuck? what do i mean to you if i get replaced everytime she gets a new friend??

so now its time to call josh...uh hes not there...

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